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Batik Print: 2000 old years old  ancient Art of the World

Batik printing is an ancient art which uses wax and dyes to
make beautiful patterns and designs. Batik printing involves complex process. It basically uses hot wax to cover some part in a pattern or design.  Rest of the cloth is dyed and then this wax is washed. This gives cloth and unique and beautiful designs.

History of Batik Print (Batik Art)

Batik Printing is an ancient art whose origin can be found in Indonesia.  Later in the history it was popular in many other civilizations such as Egypt, Africa, China and India. It was part of Royal dresses. African Batik print process uses rice paste instead of wax.  Batik print is use to designs bed sheets, salwar suits, saris,  skirts and shirts.

Process of Batik Printing (Batik Art)

Batik printing is done mainly on cotton and silk cloth and it need good quality cloth for the print
Fabric is washed and cleaned so there are no starches and other dirt on the cloth.
Printing block is dipped in molten wax.
The designs are hand-printed on the clean fabric using the printing block.
Wax coated fabric is de-waxed and dyed
Dyed cloth is dried and then it is ready to be used.

The 13th Store – On a mission to save local art

The 13th Store basically deals in Hand made traditional products that are made by local artist of different state.
Due to foreign products and machine made products these local arts of India are dying slow death.
We are committed to save this local art of India and the only way to save it is by promoting and selling their arts. We hope that our selling platform will provide them financial support that will help to continue their art work. Also it will involve the next generation which will help these arts to grow.

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