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                Buy Bed sheet (बेडशीट) online – Double Bed sheet and Single Bed sheet


                Bedsheets also known as flat sheets are most important part of your bed room.  Bed sheets not only protect your mattress or give you comfortable sleep it also adds beauty to your room. Choosing a bed sheet is very difficult therefore ‘The 13th Store’ we bring hand made bed sheets that are not just a cloth but an art.


                Buy Cotton Bedsheets Online


                We at The 13th Store brings you bed sheets that are handpicked and hand designed by artists. You can buy King size bed sheet, Queen Size bed sheet, Double bed sheet and single bed sheet.

                 Bed sheet available at ‘The 13th Store’

                1. Batik print bedsheets – Batik printing is an ancient art of printing using wax. In batik bed sheets you can get vibrant colours and amazing designs hand made by artists.
                2. Block print bed sheets – Block printing is done by dipping wooden engraved blocks in colours and then putting it on your cloth. Block print bring sharps designs to your bed sheets.
                3. Kalamkari Bed sheets – Kalam kari is an ancient art of painting on cloth. Each kalamkari bed sheet is hand painted by hand, making it an art.
                4. Batik and block print bed sheets – why not have both batik and block print on your bed sheets. Two arts in one. Amazingly beautiful.


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