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                Batik Print Suits or Batik Print Salwar suits or salwar kameez are made by ancient technic of wax printing.  Batik art uses wax and dyes to make beautiful patterns and designs. Batik printing involves complex process. It basically uses hot wax to cover some part in a pattern or design.  Rest of the cloth is dyed and then this wax is washed. This gives cloth and unique and beautiful designs. With every wash batik print on salwar suit become more and more clear.


                Batik print suits can be stitched into many designs such as Patiala suit also known as Punjabi suits, Churidar Suits, Afgani Suits, Palazzo Suits, Designer Suits, Indo Western Suits, Fusion suits etc


                Top 5 reasons to buy batik print suits


                1. Batik Salwar Suits are handmade and involve artistic work so every suit piece is unique in designs
                2. Batik Print Suits involves wax printing and need high quality cloth for the work, so you don’t have worry about quality.
                3. Batik Print suits are not just cloth they are art, its better to have an art as cloth rather than just a machine print.
                4. Batik print suits can be stitched into any modern designs as per your need and fitting. And they are long lasting.
                5. With every wash batik print gets more clearer and better.


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