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Hidden Gems of Madhya Pradesh Arts and Handicrafts – Batik, Block, Maheshwari and Bagh Prints

by Dushyant Dangi on January 14, 2020

Madhya Pradesh is a tourist state know for his rich forest and historic places. Interestingly there is something more to Madhya Pradesh that will interest you. Madhya Pradesh can be a hot spot for all the lady shoppers as it provides the exclusive fabric with amusing designs and crafts.

We all know Madhya Pradesh is famous for Chanderi sarees. Chanderi sarees are not only famous in India but they are known worldwide. There is more than that in Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh has a rich history of handicraft fabric. Madhya Pradesh has many types of fabrics which you can buy while visiting.

  1. Batik Art – Ujjain is Known for temples and it is one of the oldest cities of India. It also has something more to offer. You can buy Batik Print Salwar Suit. Sarees and Bed Sheets here which are locally made by a small community. More than 150 families earn their lively hood by keeping this art alive.
This wax art gives your fabric very beautiful designs that are long-lasting. Batik Printing is also famous as Bherugarh Prints getting its name from where it is printed.
Batik Art is more than 2000 years old and its origin is from Indonesia. Later this art move to China. India and many other countries. Batik art is found in Africa also. Batik Print can be found in Indonesian Royal family dresses.
Batik printing is done basically with covering cloth with wax in a pattern or design. Rest of the cloth is dyed and then the wax is washed. This gives the cloth a beautiful unique design.
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  1. Block Print Art – One more thing that is made in Ujjain is block prints. These block prints are made on cotton cloth by colour dipped wooden blocks. These block print look great both on sarees and suits.
Block printing designing and colour depend a lot on the artist skills.  The wooden block is carved carefully as uneven or incorrect carving can result in incomplete or flawed designs.
This art of block printing is passed from one generation to another.
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  1. Maheshwari Silk - Maheshwar city which is known for its forts and temples is also famous for its silk sarees. Maheshwari Silk fabric was mainly made for the royal family members and for royal guests. Currently, more than 500 families earn their living by this special saree making skill.
A single saree takes around 7 to 15 days to make depending on the complexity of the design. It is believed that first Maheshwari Saree was designed by the Queen Devi Ahilya Bai. This royal fabric which was used by the royal families represents the royal legacy of rich Indian cultural art and craft.
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  1. Bagh Prints - Bagh is a very small village in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. It is known for its old Buddhist cave painting. It is also famous for its Bagh prints which are used on salwar suits, sarees, stoles and bedsheets. Bagh printing is being practised for more than 1000 years. In Bagh prints, you can easily see the impact of local art and culture. Bagh printing art origin is not clear. Some suggest that it came with Khatri family who migrated from Sindh where a similar art Arjak block printing was practised traditionally by Khatri community
So next time when you plan a trip to Madhya Pradesh buy these handicrafts to give yourself feel of Queen.
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by Joy Rao on February 05, 2020

What is the measurement of the red batik suit..kurta salwar and dupata?